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3-Step DIY Flower Accessory

3-Step DIY Flower Accessory - WhySoBlue
All those little bits of fabric - turn them into beautiful floral accessories!
Match it to your outfits, wear it as a brooch, clip it to your hair, attach it to your bag - SO many ways to use it!
Things you need - scrap fabrics, needle and thread, glue, buttons/beads for decor
Check out how EASY it is to make these pretty flowers -


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Tips –


  1. Don’t use thin fabrics for making the brooch
  2. Thread the brooch through a chain, hairband or rubberband to wear as an accessory
  3. Match it to your outfits for a coordinated accessory!
  4. This handmade brooch can be the perfect gift for a friend, mother or sister – made with love!
  5. Make one for your househelp – the one who kept you and your house happy, show her some gratitude and love 😊

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