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DIY Wall Hanging from Scraps

DIY Wall Hanging from Scraps - WhySoBlue


Don't throw out your old t-shirts and random scraps - create some aesthetic wall decor instead!

No paint? Totally fine - just get your coffee mug and you're set!

Things you need - scrap fabrics, instant coffee powder, turmeric powder, glue, paintbrush (optional - needle and thread, buttons/laces for decor)


Check out how easily you can paint with just kitchen staples and create a beautiful piece of art!




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Tips –


  1. You can attach tassels at the end of the hanging (check out DIY Tassels video!)
  2. If you’re using an old outfit, check out what other parts you can use – attach pockets, use the straps for hanging the cloth, or tear out the laces for decorating!
  3. Want to get more creative? Use beets for a dash of bright pink colour!

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