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How Does Our Customization Work?

How Does Our Customization Work? - WhySoBlue
This is the part that we and our customers love the most – customizing an outfit. To us, appearance is an integral part of expressing yourself, a reflection of your personality, and we believe that when you wear that dress or put on those shoes, it really makes your day.
Picture this – it's wedding season and you need that perfect blouse for your saree. Your local tailor charged you a bomb and delivered something SO different from what you asked for, but you're forced to wear it – who has the time to redo it?
We've heard this story so many times (and lived it too) that we figured there has to be a better way to make your Pinterest ideas and sketches on newspaper edges come to life.
The idea came to Shweta when she realized she has a real spring in her step when she’s wearing a dress she designed herself. An outfit exclusively made keeping her in mind, unlike something picked off the rack at a big brand store, really adds a smile to her face. And she wanted others to have an opportunity to feel the same, especially if they didn’t grow up with a brilliant seamstress for a mum.
Our customization process has two methods – digital and in-studio.

Our interactions with the customers who reach out to us via social media are purely digital. They share their measurements with us, along with any ideas they might have. Designs are exchanged over WhatsApp, followed by images of fabric swatches that are handpicked by Shweta to suit the patterns. Once they are happy and approve of the pieces, we start working on them.
Designing in person at the studio helps us work better and usually leads to several ideas for future outfits as well. A lot of customers come back to us for other outfits, and having their measurements with us beforehand makes the process easier and faster.
You don't need any minimum budget for execution of a customized piece. A lot of our customers already have fabrics that they want to design an outfit in, and we are graciously accommodating. We also procure fabrics for clients, depending on the occasion, budget, style and comfort, along with laces and other detailing for a hassle-free experience.
Happy bride posing at her Mehendi in a gown
made from her mum's Kanjeevaram saree!
Upcycling is a new trend with the younger generations who want to preserve the beauty of older fabrics, particularly sarees. We’ve had a lot of clients walk in with their mothers’ sarees, wanting to wear it in their own way. From gowns and lehengas to day wear and jackets, we’ve seen it all, especially the broad smiles when they share their snaps!
Love one of the outfits on our website, but wish the collar was different, or the sleeves were longer? Our idea is to make it possible for our customers to change even the littlest details of our pre-existing pieces, to make it their own. Our website offers an ‘add a note to your order’ box at checkout that lets us know if you want to make some minor changes, and what’s more, we don't charge extra for them!
Want something customized? You can just email or text us, and you’ll find that we are prompt with both our replies and our ideas :)

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