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5 Hacks to Make Yoga Work for YOU!

5 Hacks to Make Yoga Work for YOU! - WhySoBlue

Yoga is a breath of fresh air for your cluttered mind. Especially when we live in a world of screens, your body and mind need that detox!

But yoga was impossible for me - I can't sit still for even 5 minutes! So I came up with 5 simple hacks that helped me start meditating and stick with it, so why don't you try them too?


  1. Choose your perfect time - Meditation works best in the morning when your mind is not occupied with work and chores. But if you're not a morning person (like me!), do it in the evening after work when you won't be disturbed by Zoom calls and deadlines.  




  1. Hide your phone - Put your phone on silent and toss it in a cupboard. We can't resist the sound of a text or call,so the best way to focus is to eliminate the biggest distraction! 


  2. Comfort is key - You can't relax till your body is relaxed, so wear loose, breathable clothes and pick a comfortable place to meditate.




  1. Find a buddy - Get a friend or spouse to join you so you can both keep tabs on each other, and motivate each other when you feel like taking a cheat day!


  1. Ditch the mat - Yoga is about physical movement and letting your mind relax - who said anything about staying in one place? Find your own meditative movement - walking your dog, sitting by the window, or even just moving to music. Just by focusing on something as simple as birds chirping or the sound of your footsteps, you automatically calm down and let your mind detox from the stress and strain of the day. And that's what meditation is about!



Yoga is great to reduce stress levels, get better sleep and even boost your mood. So why not give it a shot - it may be just what you need when working from home drives you nuts!

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