2-Step DIY Planter from Scraps

Brown plastic pots ruining your aesthetic home? This gorgeous planter is here to save the day!

Takes less than 30 minutes, and just ties the room together! And who could say no to some nature indoors?

Things you need - scrap fabrics (even old clothes!), plastic containers, glue and thread


Check out how to make this super easy planter -



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Tips –


  1. The width of the strips depends on the fabric – cut wider strips for thinner fabrics so your braid is even
  2. Use one contrast strip out of three so the colours stand out!
  3. Make it look classy by using strips of cream, biscuit and brown colours
  4. Use bigger boxes or fruit crates and make a lovely storage box – throw in your books, magazines or random things around your room and clear up the clutter!

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