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Apeksha's Homemade Pasta Delight

<b>Apeksha's Homemade Pasta Delight</b>
"No matter how bad our day is, if we eat a comforting bowl of food it brings us to our centre – and that's what I feel about pasta as well.”
For Apeksha, food isn't just sustenance; it's a love language, a creative outlet, and a whole lot of fun! From rolling out dough to twirling pasta on forks, every moment at Cacio e Pepe is a celebration of homemade goodness and Italian flair.
As we step into Apeksha's right-out-of-a-picture-book studio in the heart of Bandra, we're immediately enveloped in the cozy ambience that is an ode to Italy that the place exudes. The studio is a testament to Apeksha's eclectic taste, with every corner adorned in vibrant paintings and an array of pasta jars proudly displayed. Our eyes are drawn to the impressive collection of books curated from around the world, promising a feast not only for the stomach but also for the mind.
Settling into the cozy sofa space near her lush small window, Apeksha beams with joy as she shares her passion for bringing pasta to people straight from the table.
"To have fresh pasta available to people in the freshest form possible, it's what makes me really happy.”
Reflecting on her journey, Apeksha recalls her initial encounter with Italian cuisine during her student days in San Francisco. "Italian food had something about it that just worked for me," she reminisces. Little did she know that this chance encounter would set her on a path to pasta perfection.
Cacio e Pepe, named after the Roman pasta dish consisting of fresh pasta, pecorino, romano cheese, and black pepper, embodies Apeksha's belief in the simplicity of good pasta. "Italian is not my favourite, but I realised how little good pasta needs," she explains, emphasising her commitment to crafting fresh pasta using minimal yet high-quality ingredients.
Apeksha's journey into the world of pasta making began as a hobby, a creative outlet for her to do something with her hands. Armed with just a small pasta machine and a few tools from Italy, she embarked on a journey of experimentation and discovery. "I had no idea that they would become my tools of trade," reflecting on the humble beginnings of Cacio e Pepe.
The cosy studio where Apeksha crafts her delicious pasta is reminiscent of an Italian house, with yellow-striped walls and sunlight streaming in through the windows, shining down on the drying pasta. A large centre table serves as the heart of the operation, where Apeksha rolls and shapes her creations with love and care.
Before venturing into the world of pasta, Apeksha's background was in filmmaking. However, her passion for food and the allure of crafting something with her own hands led her to pursue her dreams of becoming a pasta maker. Today, with a team of just 4-5 people, Apeksha oversees the production of an array of pasta shapes and sauces, encouraging people to embrace the joy of cooking and invest in homemade goodness.
Curious about her culinary philosophy, we ask Apeksha about her favourite foods, she says
"The best food is really simple food, just like Cacio e Pepe”
So, dear pasta aficionados, every bite tells a story, and every dish is a celebration of homemade goodness. Buon appetito!

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