For the last 5 years, we have focused on CUSOMIZATION exclusively because it is what makes digital shopping personal.
Looking for an outfit made just for you? You’ve come to the right place!
We have many levels of customization -
If you’re between our XS and XL sizes, just enter your custom measures when you add the product to cart, and it’ll be done – no calls, emails or anything needed! You can also enter your height if you’re shorter, and don’t want that dress to become a gown! And yes, this special feature is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
If you wear a size bigger than XL, or you want something nobody else has – a different neckline, dramatic sleeves or even change the silhouette – we can make it happen! DM, WhatsApp or shoot a mail at and our team will help you place the order. There may be charges applicable for any extra fabric used for this customization.
THIS is for our fashionistas who have a whole new outfit in mind that must be brought to life! Want one of our dresses in another print? Done! Or create a dress from scratch that nobody else will own. Upcycle an old saree or dupatta, or you’re looking for that special outfit for your big day? We can make it happen ♥
Get in touch with us and make your dream outfit come true!
PS – Customizations can be done only on prepaid orders, and they are NOT eligible for exchanges and returns.
DM - @whysobluelove
WhatsApp/Call - +91 9619614584
Email –