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This name means 'Maav kolam', a rangoli made from rice paste. My mother and grandmother made one every day at dawn - and special occasions meant staying up and making them the night before! All the ladies of the house would draw an intricate 10x10 kolam with expertise that still surprises me! And though I never understood how to do it myself, those nights would be full of excitement for the next dayÍs fun, and this black saree reminds me of those nights, munching on snacks as I watched Amma make a maakolam.
This saree is made in a black mul-mul fabric, with black hand-made tassels at the end.


WhySoBlue is literally a breathe of fresh air as compared to overwhelming mufti-brand stores. Shweta is not just creative, but she goes beyond call of duty to ensure every person leaves the store smiling along with great piece of attire. I decluttered my wardrobe last month and realised that none of WhySoBlue have left home, they are classics, fun, versatile and definitely help to standout!

I love their dresses. It’s very comfortable, breezy and lovely prints. The fit is super. And she customizes it for you. Being a feeding mother , she customized my dresses for me to suit this request and you won’t even know it. Impeccable service. I love it. My first go to place for dresses.

I have always had an issue with off-the-rack clothes because of my height.I'm short and I find myself altering all the outfits that I buy which is a nuisance and doesn't give the right fit.

WSB CUSTOMIZES all my dresses for me and gives me the fit of my dreams-WSB's cotton dresses are perfect and pockets in everything is just cherry on the cake!