It would be crazy for us not to have our first blog post be about Fashion! So here it is- a curated list of the best of fall trends, as seen on all the international fashion weeks!

Oh and most of these are totally doable for us too!

1. Tini-Tiny 90’s glasses

Just when you thought we were running out of trends to revive from the ’90s, this piece has finally made its comeback- tini-tiny sunglasses. Everyones wearing them- those itty-bitty ’90s sunglasses, is back and how! From Rihanna to the Hadids, celebrities have been rocking the small frames pratically everywhere! Though not entirely practical in doing its one job-  you know, actually blocking the sun from your eyes, the micro frames was reigned as the ultimate cool girl statement in the ’90s and early 2000s. And now making their return as the shades of choice for the It girls of 2017. Have a look!



2.Sock Boots

Walking around the atheleisure section, we have here the coolest boot trend. It’s definitely not too early to start thinking about the key players to add to your fall wardrobe- and this one should be on the top of your list! Several celebrities have been wearing them for a while now, and they love the ankle-hugging shoes so much that they have even made them work with some of their summer outfits, too. This boot looks just like a pair of fashionable gym socks, though of course they’ll set you back a bit more than your P.E. uniform ever did.



3.Working it Girl / Deconstructed Classics

Well this season we saw a larger than life comeback of the power suits- deconstructed, taken apart and put together- with cold shoulders, edgy cuts and a LOT of innovative buttons, it was absolutely brilliant. Our formal wear is getting smarter and hotter! Check these out.





Not-So-Straight-Skirt1     Blazer-with-a-twist-Top1


4. The Wrist Bag 

We couldn’t decide if the wrist bag or the hip bag should make it to this list, since both seem to be edging closer to us now. Every fashion girl in the NYFW,LFW and MFW has been carrying a wrist bag in every possible shape, colour,size, print and fabric. From quirky, to girly and downright fabulous, we saw it all. Here’s our top favorites.


round-bags-630x420TELEMMGLPICT000137505696_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqh-rqHbfVZZcN4KfZ4psGEmrUaNgfolQtgAwFD1w-Occ9a7a481dfc4b3303ff8a77038b56a794--handbags-and-purses--handbags-for-womenTELEMMGLPICT000137505725_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqx1rGucoo2J_ExhuM2sOt-5Dg7ACGJPdPR4xgCzbOV8A copyTELEMMGLPICT000137505698_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqx1rGucoo2J_ExhuM2sOt-5Dg7ACGJPdPR4xgCzbOV8A

5. Sheer Genuis

Well well, sheer has been around for a while and it aint going away this party season either. Although the international versions, include sheer sweats, and warmer varients, its safe to say, considering our weather, we can pretty much recycle our spring sheers to winter. Here are the best of the sheers we loved.







6. Red

Shades of red and maroon has taken over and we arent complaining one bit. One of the most powerful and sexiest color ever- is coming back and its time to stock our closets up with a few of those pieces. We love the head to toe monochrome, although it would be tad OTT if I were to enter a pub for a glass of beer on a weekend. But never say never right!




Put-A-Spin-Tie-back-Dress1   Sach-Me-Up-Gown2  No-Strings-Attached-Dress2