Buying clothes that aren’t black is hard, someone very wisely said, and we couldn’t agree more.
We all know black is forever – ask any woman and she will vouch for the fact that every black dress has its own feel and style befitting different occasion. So today we decided to put it all out there, 4 must-have LBDs in your closet.
  1. Classic Fitted Dress- True to Audrey Hepburn, this one tops the list. Timeless, and effortless with a touch of modernity, here are some silhouettes you could look at.
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Image result for come to a halter cape dress              Cut-em-out-Slit-Gown1.png
2. Sequence and Shimmer- These are the ultimate go-to-piece for a night out, a cocktail party or simply Friday night! These dresses are downright sexy and unapologetically so!
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  Image result for sheer n shimmer   Image result for baby got back party dress    
3. Lace- This one is a classic- from a wedding to a romantic date night, a simple lace dress won’t let you down. Lace is ageless and it can be styled in multiple ways too. Keep it handy as this can very easily double up into a day wear with some nuetral flats!




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4. Work Wear- You can’t possibly think of formals and not have a shade of black in it. Be it a well tailored suit, or a straight cut dress, a formal dress is a keeper. With the revival of the power suits, this is definitely a style that will keep coming back for more!



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I-see-Gold-Black-Dress1       Strut-It-Bodycon-Dress2.png


We’d love to know what you guys think of our list of LBD’s. Do leave your ideas/comments below.