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Buying clothes that aren’t black is hard, someone very wisely said, and we couldn’t agree more. We all know black is forever – ask any woman and she will vouch for the fact that every black dress has its own feel and style befitting different occasion. So today we decided to put it all out there, 5 must-have LBDs in your closet. Classic Fitted Dress- True to Audrey Hepburn, this one tops the list. Timeless, and effortless with a touch of modernity, here are some silhouettes you could look at. Shop Now-                2. Sequence and Shimmer- These are the ultimate go-to-piece for a night out, a cocktail party or simply Friday night! These...

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It would be crazy for us not to have our first blog post be about Fashion! So here it is- a curated list of the best of fall trends, as seen on all the international fashion weeks! Oh and most of these are totally doable for us too! 1. Tini-Tiny 90’s glasses Just when you thought we were running out of trends to revive from the ’90s, this piece has finally made its comeback- tini-tiny sunglasses. Everyones wearing them- those itty-bitty ’90s sunglasses, is back and how! From Rihanna to the Hadids, celebrities have been rocking the small frames pratically everywhere! Though not entirely practical in doing its one job-  you know, actually blocking the sun from your eyes, the...

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