WhySoBlue is literally a breathe of fresh air as compared to overwhelming mufti-brand stores. Shweta is not just creative, but she goes beyond call of duty to ensure every person leaves the store smiling along with great piece of attire. I decluttered my wardrobe last month and realised that none of WhySoBlue have left home, they are classics, fun, versatile and definitely help to standout!


I love their dresses. It’s very comfortable, breezy and lovely prints. The fit is super. And she customizes it for you. Being a feeding mother , she customized my dresses for me to suit this request and you won’t even know it. Impeccable service. I love it. My first go to place for dresses.


I bumped into Shweta at The Lil Flea Market, loved a dress pattern. I got it customised according to my preferences and couldn't have adored a dress this much till date. Why so blue love are great at customising as well as understanding personal tastes. For me they are my go to designers now! A Must Try! I am in love with their fabric quality, the stitching and their design sense!

Upasana Modi

I was travelling to Europe and wanted something ethnic to carry with me-that's when I fell in love with their Ikat pants and crop top set!I was on a tight schedule and also needed the outfits customized to my measurements and I wasn't sure of their delivery but they promised it would be done and not only did they deliver before time, the fit was FAB!


Being a dancer, I have a lot of costumes to design each revolving around a different theme and style.Why So Blue has always taken care of it and given me exactly what I am looking for. From conception to delivery all my customised outfits have turned out exactly as I wanted them!


The 1st time I brought it was  this lovely soft tie & dye dress and I never looked back!I have practically turned my wardrobe into a whysoblue store. Everytime I wear a whysoblue outfit someone always asks where I got it from & well I can't get away without giving away the name-coz women need these handmade dresses!

Shweta K

I work in an agency, which means my work timing is pretty erratic-I needed to be comfortable but presentable whether I was working for extended hours or I have to head out to meetings. WSB gives me gorgeous and comfortable options in dresses that check all my boxes!Extra points for pockets!


I shop online quite often and there aren't too many sites (maybe because of scale) that not only deliver quality product but also bring a smile.The outfits turned out to be better in person than images (something experienced seldom) and the handwritten note was sweet.Good finish and great fit!

Look forward to shopping some more!

Samiksha M

I have always had an issue with off-the-rack clothes because of my height.I'm short and I find myself altering all the outfits that I buy which is a nuisance and doesn't give the right fit.

WSB CUSTOMIZES all my dresses for me and gives me the fit of my dreams-WSB's cotton dresses are perfect and pockets in everything is just cherry on the cake!